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Aggregate payout limit: a rule in casinos, that defines a certain win limit. Usually used in table games.

Ante: initial bet made before the cards are dealt.


Bankroll: amount of money which a person has decided to gamble.

Bet: wagering money in a gambling game; an act of risking a sum of money on the outcome of a specific event.

Betting limits: a certain amount of money a player cannot exceed placing a single bet.

Bonus: extra money or other form of reward from the casino given to players with promotional purpose.

Bonus abuse: usually casino bonuses come with specific requirements and terms. If a player plays against the rules while wagering a bonus, that’s called bonus abuse.

Bust: to end the game at a specific point, either exceed in 21 games or play out all money from the players bankroll.

Burn Card: a single card dealt face down at the start of a table game in case the players saw the top card.


Casino Advantage – also known as the House Edge, mathematical casino profit from a players bet or a certain game in it’s lifespan.

Cashable: a certain type of bonus money, which can be withdrawn entirely after the bonus wagering is done.

Cashback: a certain percentage of a players net losses that casino gives back to the player.

Complimentary (comp) points: additional points players receive while playing at a casino, usually a part from a loyalty program that results in specific rewards from the casino.

Contribution: part of wagers completed to meet a bonus playthrough requirement.

Croupier: casino employee who is appointed at a gambling table and is in charge of certain games.


Dealer: casino employee who deals cards in a card game and controls the process of the game. In online casinos live dealers means a real person who is filmed and streamed in real-time.

Deuce: the two in terms of dice or playing cards.

Double down: additional bet in card games which is the same size as the initial bet, doubling the possible win.

Double up: a risk game in both slots and table games to double the win or loose it completely. For example, in slots often this comes in a form of coin tossing immediately after gaining a win on the paylines. Regarding table games, specially, 21 games, double up would mean to double an initial wager.


Even money: wagering proposition with even odds.

E-wallet: online payment service providing quick and easy electronic payments.


Face card: a term for describing cards from the deck with a “face”, like kings and queens.

Fixed Odds: a gambling game in which the odds and possible winnings are predetermined, like scratch cards.

Freeroll: gambling contest or tournament without entry fees.


High roller: gambler who bets larger amount of money.

Hit: in Blackjack to take another card.

Hole card: card facing down, for example, in blackjack the dealer receives first card as Hole card and its value is hidden from every player at the table.

House edge: same as ‘Casino Advantage’ (mathematical casino profit from the game expressed in percentage).


Jackpot: the highest possible prize on a slot machine or other gambling game.


Live chat: a service that ensures the support from casino representatives to clients via instant messaging on the casino website.

Low roller: gambler who prefers to bet with smaller money.


Martingale: a betting strategy to even money bets with the idea to double the bet each time the player losses and until he/she wins (in order to recover all previous losses).

Match bonus: a type of casino reward based on clients deposit, for example, if a player deposits 50€ and the match bonus is 100%, he/she will receive additional 50€ casino money to play with (in total 100€).

Maximum bet: there are certain limits almost in every gambling game which determines the highest possible bet. The limit can apply to a single bet, game round or the total of all bets in the game.

Maximum cashout: the highest amount of money that players can withdraw from the casino. Can be associated with bonus terms or with casino cashout terms in general.


Network Progressive: jackpot prize which accumulates from every bet placed in a certain game in several casinos.

No deposit bonus: a form of casino promotion that offers free bets or free spins to new players in order to come acquainted with the casino without any initial deposits needed. Usually the offer comes with certain terms, for example, predetermined maximum cashout.


Odds: the probability of a certain outcome in a gambling game.


Pay table: a list of payouts of a gambling game, for example, in slot machines or lotteries.

Payline: referring to slot games, a payline connects matching symbols in order to make a winning combination.

Progressive jackpot: a jackpot which size is determined by the bets made in the game – the main prize accumulates until it’s won.


Random number generator (RNG): a device that determines completely random outcome in slots or other casino games, not based in previous results.

Reload bonus: some kind of reward from the casino to it’s existing players, could be match deposit bonus or free spins.

Return to play (RTP): the percentage of all wagered money that the machine will pay back in a long-term. Or 100% minus the casino advantage percentage.


Self-exclusion: a process of requesting not to be allowed to enter and play in the casino by client himself/herself.

Side bet: additional bet placed in a gambling game to the initial wager.

Sticky: a type of bonus money where the bonus amount can be played and win with, but the bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn.


Terms and Conditions: general rules of the casino, which state the rights of players and the casino itself, including bonus policies and every other aspect of casino service.

Trigger: to activate some bonus feature in slots by landing special combination of symbols. Could be triggered also randomly.


Wagering requirements: certain amount of bets the player have to place in order to withdraw the winnings of the bonus money or free spins. Usually wagering requirement is expressed in a form of multiplier – by how many times the bonus amount needs to be wagered.

Welcome bonus: special reward with promotional purposes from the casino to new players.

Wild: a symbol or a card that substitutes for all other symbols or cards in the game in order to help form a winning combination.

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